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Date: 04 April
"My move from Boston to Braintree went perfectly; we just closed on a little 2 bedroom place in the area so these guys made sure we got in to our new place on the day of the move and the keys being handed over. I want to thank these guys for putting up with my stress levels."
Date: 13 February
"Great move and an even better price, the truck was nice and clean and they had all the equipment needed to wheel and move heavy objects."
Date: 20 April
"I have moved about 4 times in my life and this has been the best experience out of all of them. Moving Company Boston was super professional and very nice to deal with. I felt my stuff was safe and they got the move done with little disruption."
Date: 25 May
"A 3 bedroom house moved from Brookline to Malden door to door in less than 4 hours, I am impressed! They worked so hard and they really did have a great system of working together to get things relocated. Thanks you Moving Company Boston I will be using you guys to move my kids off to college."
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Office and corporate relocation

With so many big businesses in Boston and around the industrial areas we are always busy relocating people to bigger premises and industrial parks. We always work with you to try and get the move down with minimum disruption and we will aim to do it on the weekend when the staff are not working or after hours. We are use to moving large corporations in multiple story office blocks and big factory equipment and machinery; it’s all in a day’s work for our team.

Nationwide Moving

Sometimes people land a new job that might require them to leave our beloved Boston and state of Massachusetts. But if you are a Bostonian moving on to another place then we want to help you make that move. It’s going to be emotional and exciting at the same time and if you are escaping our harsh brutal winters for a warmer climate it makes the move a little easier I will admit, but just know that our crew will make sure all of your belongings will get to the new destination safe. We have very secure trucks and our drivers and moving teams travel on a regular basis all over the US so they know this country pretty well by now.

Packing Solutions

Most people do like to do their own packing as it’s a very personal thing, but what we suggest if you need a hand is that you pack stuff that would be personal to you like family pictures and treasured items and we can come in and help you wrap and pack the rest. We will pack up all the kitchen stuff as well as making sure the furniture is wrapped and secured so no draws are flying open during the move. We even suggest using suitcases to pack any clothes you have and use hampers to pack linen and towels.

Storage and safe keeping

We sometimes understand that when you move you are left with a load of stuff that you are unsure what to do with. Some stuff you will want to sell and other items you might want to keep but you feel you have no room in the new place or you just want to avoid clutter. We can offer you storage solutions for a great monthly rate that will make life so much easier. You can then take the time to go through the items after the move is complete and decide what to do with those items without making a rushed decision.

International moving

Should you be looking at an overseas move then please get in touch with us as we can help organize that for you. We will pack your stuff in to a shipping container and go through customs procedures depending on where you wish to move. We can take care of the paper work and make sure the container is loaded on to that container and it gets to where it needs to go anywhere in the world.