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Date: 04 April
"My move from Boston to Braintree went perfectly; we just closed on a little 2 bedroom place in the area so these guys made sure we got in to our new place on the day of the move and the keys being handed over. I want to thank these guys for putting up with my stress levels."
Date: 13 February
"Great move and an even better price, the truck was nice and clean and they had all the equipment needed to wheel and move heavy objects."
Date: 20 April
"I have moved about 4 times in my life and this has been the best experience out of all of them. Moving Company Boston was super professional and very nice to deal with. I felt my stuff was safe and they got the move done with little disruption."
Date: 25 May
"A 3 bedroom house moved from Brookline to Malden door to door in less than 4 hours, I am impressed! They worked so hard and they really did have a great system of working together to get things relocated. Thanks you Moving Company Boston I will be using you guys to move my kids off to college."
Moving Company Boston
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Knowledgeable Dispatcher

When moving you will need a dispatcher that knows what they are doing. A good knowledgeable dispatcher will guide you through the moving process and give you a moving quote that should be on the money. They will ask you the right questions to determine how much stuff you have in the residence or office. Most people forget they have a garage worth of stuff when speaking to a dispatcher so when the initial quote is done it will only be on what’s in the house. We make sure you log any other storage areas you might have forgotten about like a back yard storage unit or that garage full of stuff that takes up a fair amount of room. We have heard stories from clients in the past where a moving company turned up did the move and refused to move what was not mentioned on the phone because it was not logged in to the initial price quote when the client and the moving company first talked. We will always make sure you have everything remembered and logged and if you do forget a small area we can re-price that area on the day and move it for you and add the cost on for a small amount to the initial quote. Our dispatchers aim is to manage this move to perfection so you can breathe a sigh of relief and the move can be completed with ease.

Licensed Companies

Anyone can buy a van and call themselves a moving company, which does not necessarily mean they will be any good but pretty much someone can go buy a truck and start advertising themselves as a mover. What could go wrong, right! Plenty! We suggest that you pick a licensed and reputable relocation company that has all the staff that are background checked and who are of clean cut and professional standing. If you have someone handling boxes of your prized possessions and goods you want them to be traceable otherwise you could have a any old guy and his crew turn up in an unmarked van, load up your stuff and just drive off never to be seen again. Don’t let that happen to you and don’t let a stranger steal items out of your boxes, because once you move in to your new place and spend time unpacking it will be too late if you notice anything missing. By picking a moving company like ours you are on to a guarantee that the stuff will get to the location in one piece and nothing will be missing. All of our moving guys really care about our clients and you will see they are great guys who will always spend time listening to any concerns you might have.

Better Results

With every move throughout the years our results have got better and better, and with 18 years under our belts we are at a point where we can truly say every move we do goes without a hitch. We have demanded better out of ourselves, often being a little hard on ourselves but it has been worth it to bring the customer a slick and dynamic moving service that keeps clients coming back to us. We are not only fair on pricing but we offer deals to keep customers happy and we are always evolving as a company to incorporate new technology and equipment to deliver a better and faster moving experience for the client.